March 27 ·

We all meet a special person that impacts our lives in some way. A person how can influence us with wisdom and grace with just a jester or smile. (Oh what an endless smile it was). A person who can make you realize how wonderful a friendship truly is between two people. This was Kenny Foland. I’ve never met a man that enjoyed the fellowship of family and friends as much as Kenny. He appreciated and celebrated life with kindness toward his fellow man every single day. He so loved the sport of antique and classic tractor pulling and the people involved with it. If he wasn’t telling a good joke, he was busy teaching a new student of the sport and passing on endless knowledge that he was more than happy to share with others. Kenny used to give me a hard time years ago when I pulled a Massey Harris 44 Special. We decided to rename it the “Chinese M”. We had more fun with this on the internet. If I had to explain Kenny to people that did not know him this would be my scenario. If you could picture the perfect friend, father, brother, brother in-law, husband, mentor or the person you had to choice to be stuck on a dessert island with for the rest of your life. It would have been Mr. Kenny Foland. We miss you. We love you. Gods speed my friend. RIP
NATPA President Bob DeBerg

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