Thank you to all the NATPA members & supporters for another successful season. We wrapped up the 2018/2019 season in Lebanon, MO this weekend. We had 375 hooks on Friday and 231 hooks on Saturday. The total hooks for the for the season was 3586. This is up 140 hooks from last season with 2 cancelled pulls. It is great to see the organization grow. The Annual Meeting was held on Friday night & no changes were made to the General Rules other than to remove references to Divisions I & V. The new board members elected were Chris Johnson, East Division, Chris Klein, West Division & Jody Barber, Central Division. We would like to thank outgoing Board Members Bob DeBerg, Robert Niethammer & Don Thomas for their service to the NATPA. Officers to the Board were elected. Darrell Kusgen is Chairman of the Board, Jody Barber is President, Steve Beckley is Vice President East Division/Head of Tech & Jeff A. Gravert is Vice President West Division. Thank you to Carl Buckner & crew for providing us with another great pull & thank you for the amazing banquet provided.
I have updated all the points through Championship pull. Please take a look & make sure that everything looks correct. I had a few issues with the computer program over the weekend & had to process points manually. Alison

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