Just wanted to say thank you to all the NATPA members for another successful season. Thank you to Carl Buckner and the Missouri Pulling LLC group and for the use of their wonderful Cowan Civic Center and another great weekend of tractor pulling. To the NATPA staff and volunteers. Judy Martin and a special thanks to Alison Barber for all that she does. Thank you to the HOOK Magazine Bryan Lively for all the coverage and support. Side Tracked with Andrew Armstead and Charles Poosch. Spinn’in & Grinn’in with Tony Kosar. Our Sponsor’s Murphy Motor Service and Tractor Joe.
Your board members for 2017-2018 are: Chairman of the Board Darrell Kusgen, President Bob DeBerg, Vice President Don Thomas, Treasurer John Foust, Head of Teching Steve Beckley, Jim Young Trustee, Robert Niethammer Trustee, Judy Martin Secretary East and Alison Barber Secretary West, Points and Memberships.
The two new voted in Board of Trustees members are Justin Dodge for the Central and Jeff Gravert for the Western Regions. They will replace Jack Barham and Dan Alexander. Let me just say when you work putting on these pulls and have many hours working with and have countless meetings together. You become very close to these people and enjoy their company and above all their friendship. The board and I will miss working with these two and appreciate all that they have done for the NATPA. We look forward in working with the two new board members. We hope it will give us a new spark and some new ideas for the NATPA organization.
The Division II rules stayed the same. Division I changed the speed limit from 2.750 to 3.00 mph. and you can now run suite case weights in front of the rear axles and behind the front axles.
The NATPA has never been stronger financially or in (You) the members support. We are moving forward and growing in numbers every single day. I had a very nice visit with Keith Edens of the Tunic Mississippi pull after our championship pull. We both agreed that we need to support this sport the best way possible. The best way to do this is to give what the pullers want but, within the safest way we can. You have to have rules. You have to be safe. And you have to keep you pullers happy. Period. You have to have these three things or you have nothing but upset pullers or someone getting hurt.
Have a great summer. Our next stop for the NATPA will be Waterloo, Iowa (Summer Pull) June 16th and 17th 2017 to start the “NEW” NATPA Season! Be Safe People and God Bless!
President of NATPA Bob DeBerg

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