Michigan Harvest Fest

Thanks to all who attended the 2019 Michigan Harvest Fest! We had a total of 667 NATPA hooks. I believe there were approximately 68 hooks for the Michigan Jackpot classes. Congratulations to Allen Pruehs on winning the Andrew Armstead Memorial Class and donating his winnings back to the Memorial Fund. Andrew sure was missed this weekend but Denver N Geitgey did a great job announcing in his place. Thank you Denver and Judy for all your hard work and great announcing. Thank you to Jared Beduhn, Robert Niethammer, Tod Whipple, Dave Feldkamp, Amy Rentschler-Whipple, Ree Moorhead Pruehs, Mike Z, Erica Drake and any of the other Michigan Tractor Pullers I may have missed. As always you guys created a great track and provided an excellent pull. I personally though this was one of the best Mason pulls I have attended. Special thanks to Tim Wolfe for all your help this weekend, it was very much appreciated. Kudos to the Nearpass pulling sleds for a smooth weekend of pulling. Welcome to all the new NATPA members and look forward to seeing everyone in Waterloo. Alison

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