Sigourney Summer Pull

Thank you to the Keokuk County Expo & Scott Alderson for hosting the 2019 NATPA Summer Pull. We kicked off the weekend with 254 hooks on Friday for the Sigourney Summer Nationals & had 378 hooks on Saturday for the NATPA Regional Pull. 632 hooks on one sled in 90+ degree weather made for some hot & fast pulling. I would like to thank everyone that made this pull possible specially Scott. Thanks to all the volunteers who stepped up & helped hook, unhook, flag, line-up tractors, registration & run equipment Robert Prose Jeff A. Gravert Toby Pencil Grant Grossnicklaus Matthew Klein Jared Dodge James O. Harmon Gavin Graham Tim Raml Eric Olin Tim Madden Elizabeth Welch Justin-Tara Dodge Jody Barber Joe Birky Eric Edge & anyone else I missed. A special thanks to Clay Drenth & the Hot Foot Sled. He is one of the best sled operators in the country & sled worked great as usual. Thanks to all participants who supported the pull. Thank you too the Board Members for your dedication to the NATPA. It was 2 hot & long days but everything went exceptionally well. Thanks to the Hook Magazine & Bryan Lively for your continued support & coverage of the NATPA. Good times were had by all & lots of memories were made.

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