Lebanon, MO 1/5/22

Thank you to Missouri Pulling Promotions for ringing in the New Year with the NATPA at Lebanon, MO this past weekend. We had 749 total hooks for the 2 days. Thanks to the pullers that perserved the weather & stuck it out on Saturday. Thank you to Darrell Hendrick & Melissa Heider for stepping up and into Carl Buckner’s shoes. They were big shoes to fill but the transition was flawless. The track was the best that we have pulled on at Lebanon. Big thanks to all the track crew and helpers. Thanks to Bungart Motorsports for great job with the sleds. Thank you to all non-member pullers for supporting the NATPA. The next stop for the NATPA is back again with Missouri Pulling Promotions in Springfield, MO on January 28 & 29, 2022. I have posted the results from Lebanon but it is going to take me a bit to get the points posted.