Rumble at Russellville

The idea behind the “Rumble at Russellville” has many parts. First and foremost there was a need for a place for NATPA members to pull this fall; the NATPA membership has always been a friend to me personally and to The HOOK. This is a way to help one another to get together and enjoy the sport we love that we might not have had. It is also an area/region that NATPA competition hasnt been in two decades, and hopefully encourage some pullers that normally wouldnt pull with the NATPA get to see first-hand what I have seen: a club that is growing and welcoming.

I want to thank Jody and Alison Robinson Barber, Darrell Kusgen, and the entire NATPA Board of Directors for their support. I also want to thank Lonny Epley, Barry Wright, Logan Co. Judge-Executive Logan Chick, and the Barren River Health Dept. for their guidance and assistance in making this event possible. I’m done typing for the moment, more to come soon!

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